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Hello everyone, my name is Murat and I am from İzmir, Turkey. As a native Turkish speaker and an experienced teacher with over 10 years of experience,

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    And, to sweeten the deal, the first lesson is free! I'm confident that you'll enjoy it, as my approach is different from typical language lessons.

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    Jacqueline E. Carroll

    Murat is an awesome teacher. He is super patient and interested in one as a student. He is a very skilled teacher. I feel like you are guaranteed to learn Turkish with him. He is super nice and caring as a teacher. I wish I had him as a teacher growing up, had I had a teacher like him, I would have learned and enjoyed learning so much more. I highly recommend Murat as a teacher- Jacqueline E. Carroll- Florida, USA.


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    Damian Woolfall-Muşdal

    Living in a remote part of the world with very few local Turkish speakers has presented me with some challenges in making steady progress with my studies. Recently I made contact with Murat as I was very keen to hear more about his language training methods. On meeting him I was instantly drawn to his warm, friendly, thoughtful and professional approach. Now, after a few months of weekly online sessions, Murat has helped me to build my self- confidence, really get to grips with the fundamentals and enjoy learning Türkçe even more. So much so, that I hope to meet him in person during my three week trip to Türkiye this July. I highly recommend Murat for your Türkçe language training. Auckland
    New Zealand



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    Michelle Tornero

    I am very happy that I could find professor Murat, as we can see his teaching techniques are the most innovative I have ever seen until now. We can learn through creative, cutting edge, interactive and complete tools to make us learn with a dynamic touch. Professor Murat is a very enthusiastic and committed professor, he will teach you with patience and answer all of your questions. Be sure this classes will be very different as others you've taken before. Mexico


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    Merhaba! Murat is one of the best language instructors I have come across. He is very patient, understanding, and will never make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with your pronunciation/comprehension of the Turkish language. This is one of few times that I have been excited about learning, and for that, I am so grateful. I look forward to future lessons with Murat and mastering this language I adore. I would recommend Murat to anyone at any level looking to improve their Turkish. He has been a wonderful asset to my journey here in Istanbul. Cheers!


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    Lena Hydar

    I’ve had Turkish speaking lessons in universities and other institutions but none of them can compare to Murat’s teaching and learning courses. He is very detailed and cares about his students. His books and lessons are very easy to understand and are very clear. He takes his time to help explain make sure that you aren’t having any difficulties. He is a very professional and knowledgeable teacher. I highly recommend him because of his lessons my Turkish skills have tremendously improved and it is guaranteed that your Turkish will be perfect after attending his courses. Cal-USA.



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